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Unconquerable Termessos
Port: Antalya, Turkey
4 Hours 

Tour Contact

Operation of this tour is weather dependent, as the grounds of Termessos are very slippery in the rain.
This tour involves heavy uphill climbing and is recommended only for guests who are physically fit.
Non-slip or rubber-soled shoes should be worn by participants. Explore the ancient city of Termessos,
nestled on a dramatic 3,444-foot (over one kilometre) plane between two steep mountains about 18
miles (29 km) outside of Antalya’s city centre. Termessos has the amazing claim to fame of being the
only city that Alexander the Great could not conquer. In 334 BC, the warriors of Termessos successfully
fought off Alexander and his invading Macedonian army. Likewise, the Romans in 70 BC were forced to
accept Termessos, not as a part of the Empire but as an independent ally.

Due to its fantastic natural setting, Termessos is one of the most spectacular ruined cities in Turkey.
Enter the ruins after a windy climb, ascending 6 miles (nearly 10 km) through the beautiful, forested
slopes of the Gulluk Mountains. The ruins of this fierce and courageous city are laid before you, in the
form of crumbling temples, defensive walls and watchtowers, the Bouleterion, a Temple to Artemis, an
Odeon used for spectator sports, and a Necropolis scattered with ancient tombs. The most amazing
sight, however, is the unforgettable theatre. Relatively small and seating only about 4,000, the Termessos theatre is Hellenistic in style. Built into the side of a steep canyon, it overlooks the
precipitous slopes of Gulluk Mountain as they plunge towards the coastal plain. Surveying this
promontory, you feel a sense of appreciation for the warriors who once lived and toiled so hard to
keep this idyllic, besieged city independent.

From Termessos, return to Antalya for an orientation tour of the city by coach. Afterwards, return to the
ship or remain in the city and return by the shuttle bus at your leisure.

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