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Perge, Aspendos & Antalya Museum
Port: Antalya, Turkey
8 - 8.5 Hours 

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Leaving the ship, drive for approximately one half-hour before arriving in Perge, once the principal
town of Pamphylia during the time of Alexander the Great.

Ancient Perge was settled by Greek colonists after the Trojan War. The city’s prosperity peaked under
Alexander the Great and the Romans but began to decline under the Byzantines. Substantial remains
include the 14,000 seat Greek-Roman style theatre dating from 1000 BC, huge Hellenistic and Roman
gates, and an impressive colonnaded street. Perge’s theatre is particularly known for its beautiful stage
reliefs, depicting the life of Dionyssos.

Continue your drive through the area’s farmland, rich with fields of cotton and vegetables, to ancient

The remains seen here date to Roman times, although the history of the settlement goes back to
the Hittite Empire. During the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD), the fantastic theatre was built,
without a doubt the finest in all of Anatolia. Its façade is stunning and its acoustics are unparalleled;
performances are held here today without the use of microphones. Apart from the theatre, Aspendos
also features ruins of a stadium, agora and basilica.

Following your visit to these ancient sites, enjoy lunch at a resort in the nearby area of Belek. On the return to Antalya, listen to a brief overview of this picturesque resort town before beginning a guided
visit of its renowned museum.

Antalya Museum
The thirteen different rooms display an amazing variety of impressive collections, including pottery,
coins, mosaics, sculptures, costumes, sarcophagi and numerous artefacts found in nearby caves.
A fully furnished nomad’s tent, a carpet loom and several rooms from a typical Ottoman household provide fascinating glimpses into the lifestyles of the region. Rejoin the coach and return to the pier.
If you wish, stay in town and return to the ship via the shuttle, at your leisure.

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