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Izmir and Sardis
Port: Izmir, Turkey
8 Hours .

Tour Contact

Leave from port for a tour of Izmir, and ancient Sardes.

An orientation tour along the streets of Izmir will show you that the city is today, and has been
throughout centuries, a major port and commercial center, especially for the export of agricultural products, including rich flavored tobacco, grapes and figs. During the orientation tour your guide
will point out the Konak Clock Tower, Konak Mosque, Ataturk Monument, Passport Pier and Alsancak
Train Station.

At the end of the orientation tour, you will see the Dario Moreno Street and Asansor – (elevator).
Izmir enriched with Levantine population has been called “Little Paris” for many years; the people
composed of various religions, languages and cultures have created a colorful atmosphere.
The Levantines contributed a lot to the life of Izmir in addition to the architecture. One of the best
examples is perhaps the Elevator, which is the pleasure of the residents of Izmir. The elevator has
been offered by a Jewish businessman to make the connection between the 50 meter high Quarter
of Halil Rifat Pasa and Mithatpasa Street. The street where the famous singer Dario Moreno from
Izmir lived is in quarter of the Elevator.

Proceed to Sardis. Before visiting the site, you will have light lunch of local specialties at a restaurant
in town. Sardis was the home city of rich old Croesus, once King of Lydia. Croesus’ wealth was
famed across empires and came into common English usage with the phrase, “rich as Croesus”.
Unfortunately, either Croesus’ money was not accepted by the Persians when Cyrus conquered the
city with his army, or Croesus refused to give it up. Instead, he chose to jump to his death in a raging
funeral pyre.

Sardis was not just the end of the road for rich old King Croesus, but was the end of the famous
King Road that connected Persia to the Western territories of Asia Minor, and it changed hands
several times before joining the Roman Empire. In the early years of Christianity Sardis was singled
out as one of the Seven Churches of the Revelation. Today you will explore the city via a colonnaded
road passing a gymnasium complex, a synagogue left by an old Jewish settlement, a shopping
arcade and Roman Bath, a Hellenistic theatre and the remains of a stadium, and the 3rd century
BC temple to the goddess Artemis, one of the most beautiful temples you will see in the Ionian style.

After touring Sardis’ wealth of ancient treasures, return to Izmir Port.

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