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Gullet Tour Around Marmaris
Port: Marmaris, Turkey
4 - 4.5 Hours 

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There is no better way in which to appreciate Turkey’s infinitely fascinating history than by water.
As devotees of the popular Blue Voyage know, Anatolia, bridging Asia and Europe, has housed
many civilizations, some of which were in close contact with the sea and thus built their cities on
the Aegean or Mediterranean coasts. Most of those cities have, of course, fallen. Due to the lack
of highways, many of those ancient sites remain “undiscovered jewels” and are thankfully still
untouched. Since most of these coastal areas are still only attainable from the sea, a gullet tour
around the small coves and bays gives you a chance to experience the history as well as the
untouched natural beauty of the area.

Following the departure from the pier, embark on the gullets to start the journey at sea. Gullets
are traditional boats made of pine wood and styled with pointed fore and round aft. During the tour,
sail through the crystal clear blue coastal waters around Marmaris, past beaches, Pine-forested
shorelines, secluded coves and bays dotted with picturesque islands. You may sunbathe on the
front deck of the gullet or relax in the shade on the back deck. Sip a glass of wine or beer, take a
swim if you wish in the crystal clear waters of the coves and soak in the ambience before returning
to Marmaris.

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