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  DAY 1 Embarkation in Marmaris
DAY 2 Marmaris – Ekincik (Caunos & Dalyan Tour)
DAY 3 Ekincik – Manastir Bay – Bedri Rahmi Bay
DAY 4 Tersane Island - Gocek
DAY 5 Göcek - Fethiye
DAY 6 Fethiye - Disibilmez
DAY 7 Disibilmez – Kadirga Bay - Kumlubükü
DAY 8 Disembarkation in Marmaris

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Ekincik is a beautiful, deep bay surrounded by heavily
wooded, craggy scenery. Prolific bird life, a tiny but
lovely logging village with a very friendly local
population. A visit to Ancient Caunos 8 miles inland,
should not be missed. Travel by local river-boat through
the reed-lined marsh meandering under steep cliffs to
visit the famous rock tombs. There is a small theatre,
baths, a temple and a market place. Tersane Island is
a lovely peaceful anchorage with Byzantine ruins ashore
beneath the date palms.The Gulf of Göcek with a friendly
Club Marina set in a beautiful pine forest, is one of the Mediterranean’s

best sailing spots. Dotted with islands and many coves, its land and seascapes are irresistable.
The ruins of Arymaxa, an ancient city at the southern tip of the gulf, lie at the edge of the azure waters.

Fethiye is a true paradise for those who want to sail through history. Above the town you may explore
Telmessos with its Lycian rock tombs as well as Belcegiz and Blue Lagoon (Ölü Deniz). At the holy
Lycian center of Letoon, three temples dedicated to Letoon, Apollo and Artemis.

Kadirga Bay also known as Cape Marmaris, is a small bay with a long beach, with several beach-side
restaurants. Kumlubükü a turquoise paradise, lies on the southern side of the bay. On the northern
side, above the water, stands the ancient Rhodian city of Amos.

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