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Fethiye, Xanthos & Saklikent Gorge
Port: Fethiye, Turkey
4 Hours 

Tour Contact

Begin your excursion with an orientation tour of Fethiye, as your guide points out the rock tombs
of the ancient site of Telmessos. Located on the Lycian and Carian border, Fethiye was called
Telmessos in ancient times. The city was very prominent and a center of prophecy, pledged to
Apollo. That life in the city was rich and highly cultured during the Hellenistic and Roman periods
is evident from the existing monuments. The tomb of Amyntas, which could be considered as the
symbol of Fethiye, strikes the eye with its grandeur on the slope as you enter the bay. This tomb,
whose façade was built as an Ionic temple, belonged to Amyntas who is believed to have been a
king or a governor of Telmessos during the Hellenistic period.

Following your orientation of Fethiye, continue to the Xanthos antiquities site. The Capital of the
Lycian Federation, Xanthos is known as the place where the residents committed group suicide
in the name of peace and freedom when the Persians invaded the town in 546 BC. Sir Charles
Fellows first discovered Xanthos in 1838 and all relief carvings on Nereid's Monuments were taken
to the British Museum in London. The ruins that remain in the present location of Kýnýk Village on
the road from Fethiye to Kaþ Town are splendid examples of the Lycian civilization. Your last stop
is at Saklikent, a spectacular gorge with sculpted walls soaring high above. Two and a half miles
of the gorge's length is walkable in the summer time after all the snows in the Taurus Mountains
have melted and have run down the gorge to the Xanthos River. Then the canyon is deliciously cool
and shady with cold water. Your tour concludes with a stop at the mouth of the gorge for refreshments
before your return to the pier.

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