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Port: Kusadasi, Turkey
3.5 Hours 

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Ephesus is truly one of the world’s grandest and most fascinating sites. This prominent city and
seaport of antiquity dates back to the 10th-century BC. Departing the port at Kusadasi, about a
30-minute drive will bring you to the town of Selçuk. At its outskirts you will make your entry into
Ephesus. Among the many outstanding monuments you will see during your visit, the following
are perhaps the most spectacular:

Curetes Street and Library of Celsus
Your downhill walk begins along Curetes Street. This marble-paved road still bears groove marks
from ancient chariot wheels. Along the way you will see remains of major civic buildings and temples.
At the corner of Curetes Street and Sacred Way stands the Library of Celsus, a structure of unique
beauty whose restored façade has become the famed symbol of Ephesus. The library once housed
12,000 scrolls of papyrus manuscripts, making it one of the largest in the ancient world, second only
to the library in Alexandria, Egypt.

Grand Theater
Farther along, at the east end of the Arcadian Way, looms this magnificent theater where St. Paul
preached to the Ephesians. It can accommodate 25,000 spectators and is known for its exceptional
acoustics. Follow the Arcadian Way to exit through the lower gate. Here your coach awaits in the bus
parking area.

Archaeological Museum
Proceed with a short drive to Selçuk for a visit to one of Turkey's finest museums. Many of the artifacts
displayed here were found in Ephesus and other ancient sites in the region, including the famous
statue of Artemis. From here you will return to Kusadasi. You may choose to remain and explore the
town and browse in the numerous shops, or return directly to the pier.

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