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  Mersin Diocasarea Tour Contact

Departing to pier , drive by motorcoach to Diocasarea.The site is located 30 km north of Silifke.
It is reached through valleys and forests.This site, originally the Zeus cult center, was separated
by Romans from the Hellenistic city of Olba and was given a city state status with a new name
Diocaesarea in 72 AD.Being one of the religious centers of the Hellenistic era, in the entrance to
it there is a theater dating back to the Roman period, and around it there is a holy road with ancient
remains. All the 36 columns of the Zeus Olbios Temple, which is 2,300 years old, surrounded by
high walls and with a vast courtyard, are intact. At the end of the holy road is a temple built for Tyche
(Fortuna), the goddess of success and good luck. The City Gate which has a monumental character
was constructed with cut stones.?? A mausoleum can be found on a southern hill from Olba.

Temple of Zeus Olbios

The temple was erected in the reign of Seleukos, in the 3rd century BC. According to legend, it was
founded by Ajax, one of the Greek heroes of the Trojan War.
The temple is a peripteros with 6 x 12 columns of the Corinthian order.?

Colonnaded Street
This is the main road of the city, leading in an east-west direction from the vicinity of the theater to
the Tychaion.

A structure from the Hellenistic period, 22.50 meters high.

The Tychaion (Tychaeum)
This building is a Corinthian temple, dating from the beginning of the 1st century AD, and dedicated
to the goddess of good fortune.

As your tour concludes return to pier to rejoin the ship

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