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  Side and Damlatas Cave
Port: Alanya, Turkey
4 Hours
Tour Contact

Tour involves moderate walking over uneven ground and several steps at the ruins. Comfortable
walking shoes and a sun hat are recommended. Departing from the pier an approximate 45-minute
drive will bring you to the ancient ruins of Side.

The town was founded by Aeolians in the 7th century BC. “Side” meant “pomegranate” in the local
language. Until the Roman Imperial period, pomegranate was the symbol used on the coins of Side.
It is rumored that Anthony and Cleopatra chose the town for a romantic tryst. The ruins are impressive
with many examples of Hellenistic and Roman architecture. The old and the new are insolubly merged
and intertwined in Side. You will see the theatre, which had a seating capacity of 15,000. It was used in
the late Roman Period for gladiator fights as well as theatrical productions. Remains of a monumental
gate and a fountain are also located at the entranceway of the ancient theater. Amongst other more
prominent ruins are the Agora, the Temple of Athena, the Temple of Apollo and also a Byzantine basilica.

Damlatas Cave
The tour will continue with a visit to Damlatas Cave. Due to the humidity being 90% in the interior, the
cave is used for the treatment of respiratory ailments. Located at the western foot of the Fortress of
Alanya, the Damlatas Cave was discovered in 1948 by accident. It was formed by semi-crystallized
limestone from the Permian period of the Paleozoic Age and shaped by erosion over thousands of
years. Following your visit, the tour terminates back at the pier.

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