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Castle of St. Peter
Port: Bodrum, Turkey
2.5 Hours 

Tour Contact

Tour is conducted on foot. There are ramps and stairs within the castle. We recommend wearing
comfortable walking shoes. Bodrum (or ancient Halicarnassus) is situated on a peninsula facing
the Island of Kos which was the hometown of Herodutus. Today, it is a very popular resort town,
which draws millions of people every year.

Following the tender ride ashore, your special guide will meet you pier side for a walking tour of
Bodrum's major attraction. Today you have the privilege of discovering this museum with an expert,
Mr. Oguz Alpozen, the former Director of the Museum. Mr. Alpozen, who retired in July 2005, deserves
credit for implementing the "living museum" concept thereby attracting thousands of visitors annually
to this location. This museum has also earned international recognition by receiving the Museum
of the Year Award.

Castle of St. Peter
The entrance to the Castle of St. Peter is just a short distance from the tender landing. The striking
Crusader’s castle, with its tall, well-preserved towers, was built by the Knights Hospitallers of St.
John between 1402 and 1437. Later, other buildings were erected within the precincts of the castle.
During the Ottoman period, it was used as a place of exile. Today some of the buildings have been
turned into a prominent museum. As you tour the castle complex, there are spectacular views of
Bodrum and the surrounding area.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology
The inner castle, which houses the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, is reached after
passing through seven gates embellished with coats of arms and inscriptions. The museum is recognized as one of the finest of its kind in the world. It contains many objects discovered by
submarine archaeology, including amphora and large copper ingots recovered from a ship, which
sank by Cape Gelidonya. Some of the relics once belonged to ancient vessels that foundered off
Bodrum. In the Shipwreck Hall there is an outstanding collection of hundreds of colorful, almost
phosphorescent glass jars, bottles and vases, salvaged from shipwrecks.

At the conclusion of your visit, enjoy a cold drink. Then take the tender back to the ship or proceed
to explore the town on your own.

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