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DAY 1 Embarkation in Bodrum
DAY 2 Bodrum – Kara Island
DAY 3 Kara Island – Sedir Island
DAY 4 Karacasögüt – Ingiliz Limani - Longöz
DAY 5 Körmen Bay - Knidos

DAY 6 Knidos – Palamut Bükü
DAY 7 Datça – Bencik Bay
DAY 8 Bencik – Hisarönü Gulf
DAY 9 Hisarönü - Bozukkale
DAY 10 Bozukkale - Kumlubükü
DAY 11 Disembarkation in Marmaris
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Bodrum ancient Halicarnassus at one  time  was 
the centre of Caris. Little remains today to remind
us that this was  once a  great  and  powerful  city.
Bodrum’s impressive medieval castle was built by
the  Knights of Rhodes now houses  the Museum  
of  Underwater Archeology.  Underwater divers will  want  to  explore the  numerous reefs,  caves  and  majestic  rock  formations.  The  waters  offer  up
multicolored sponges of all shapes and sizes,along with octopi and an immense  variety of other aquatic  life.Karaada half an hour from Bodrum by yacht, you
can bathe in  the  grotto  where  the  warm  mineral
waters  flowing  out  of  the rocks  are  believed  to
beautify the complexion.

Sedir Island (ancient Cedrai) boasts an incredible beach with fine sand composed of fossils, and a
splendid view of the Kiran mountains across the bay. As you sail along the Island’s southwestern
coast, forests stretch out to meet the deep inlets of the bays. The jagged coastline, known as the bay
of Sixty-Six Inlets, seems to have emerged from the old tales of pirates.

In Karacasögüt fresh spring water is renowned for its purity so much that the bay has been dubbed
“honey water bay”. The slopes around the bay are densely wooded with pine, making it a most
attractive spot. English Harbour near the head of the bay there are many deciduous trees, mostly
fragnant amber which grow only in a few places in the eastern Mediterranean. On the western side
of the bay, a fire has destroyed the pine forests but now slowly new trees are coming up.

Körmen Bay the location is spectacular between the towering mountains of the Dorian civilization.
The coastal flat is intensively cultivated. Knidos was one of the six cities of Dorian Confederacy.Knidos
was renowned for two things: its statue of Aphrodite and the scientist Eudoxos. The statue of Aphrodite
was done by Praxiteles, one of the greatest Greek sculptures, during the 4th century B.C. The scientist
Eudoxos of Knidos , was an astronomer and a mathematician who lived in the fourth century B.C. and
is considered one of the founding fathers of geometry.

The architect Sostratus who designed the Pharos lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders
of the World, was also a native of the city. Palamut Bükü The green valley behind the habour is a
pleasant contrast to the bare rocky slopes. Its crystal clear water and unspoiled coast is an attraction.
The Datça Peninsula provides a natural boundary between the Agean Sea and the Gulf of Gökova
to the north, and the Meditteranean Sea and the Gulf of Hisarönü to the south. Along Datça, the road
winds among trees and hills, permitting lovely views over the vast blue expanse.

Bencik Fom Kuruca the steep-to slopes of the Dorian Peninsula drop sheer into the sea until
Bencik where the rubbly landscape resembles the scenery around Grand Canyon, on a smaller
scale. In Gulf of Hisarönü is the peaceful KeçiBükü Bay, rich in natural beauty with its surrounding
mountains and forests, and the long “Kizkumu” (sunken pier), a natural sand-bank formation.
Bozukkale (ancient Loryma) the surroundings are grand with the ruins of ancient Loryma scattered
about the bay and the ancient citadel, of Hellenistic origin, being preserved nearly intact.

Kumlubük a turquoise paradise, lies on the southern side of the bay; on the north side, above water,
stands the ancient Rhodian City of Amos. Marmaris ancient Physkos was an important stage on
Anatolia-Rhodes-Egypt trade route. In the 16th century, Süleyman the magnificient had a citadel built
on a hill just behind the harbour.

Mountains around Marmaris are all covered with pine trees, on shore a white strip of sand seperates
the green from blue. The beach areas sparkle and provide visitors with a perfect opportunity to dive,
snorkel and swim in a relaxing environment.

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