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Asclepion, Red Court & Bargama Town
Port: Dikili, Turkey
3 - 3.5 Hours 

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Pergamum has to be explored on foot. Touring the site requires fairly strenuous walking up and
downhill and on uneven ground. The site of the Asclepion is on level ground. Sturdy walking shoes
and a sun hat are essential. You may want to wear long pants to avoid scratches from the briar
bushes covering the ground. Asclepion From the Port of Dikili it is a 45 minute drive to Pergamum
(modern Bargama) and your first destination, the ancient health center of Asclepion. The ruins are
reached via a sacred road lined with monuments and architectural fragments from antiquity.
The Asclepion added to the city’s reputation as a center of learning and science, and contained
a rehabilitation center, an Ionic portico, sacred spring, latrines, and a “psychotherapy tunnel.”
From the Asclepion depart for the Red Court.

Red Court
In Pergamum there is a large temple built in the 2nd century AD. Using red flat bricks the temple
was constructed and dedicated to the ancient Egyptian god Serapis. It forms a courtyard and is a
truly massive structure. Though at one time to be the house of the Devil it was converted into a
church with the rise of Christianity and dedicated to St. Paul. Other clues at the site suggested that
one of the towers was used as a synagogue for the Jewish faith.

Archaeological Museum
Located on the town's main street, the museum houses a large collection of material from the
Stone Age to Byzantine times as well as an ethnographic department. Following a brief visit, take
a short drive through Bergama's busy streets to the Red Courtyard.

Following your exploration of the museum begin the return to the ship in Dikili.

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