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Aphrodisias – Ancient City of Aphrodite
Port: Kusadasi, Turkey
8.5 Hours 

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Discover Aphrodisias, one of the best preserved historical sites of the ancient world established in
honor of Aphrodite, the goddess of nature, beauty and love.

After a journey of 2.5 hours from Kusadasi, you will arrive at the fertile Dandalaz valley, rich in vegetation
with its almond, pomegranate and poplar trees. Out of its midst rise the remains of Aphrodisias’
attractive marble buildings, near the modern village of Eyre.

During a 2-hour walking tour, your guide will show you the most important remains
of one of the most famous centers of the goddess Aphrodite and former capital of Lydia province.

Your first sight is of the old city walls with the Ionic columns of the Temple of Aphrodite in the
background. After an earthquake in the 7th century, a fortress was added on the highest point in
the city.

The Temple of Aphrodite formed the center and nucleus of the city, but today only 14 of the over 40
columns remain. Other attractive features include the Tetrapylon (ornamental gate), built in the
middle of the 2nd century, the Agora, planned in the 1st century BC as a market and meeting place,
the Baths of Hadrian, a theater and the stadium. The stadium is the best preserved of all the ancient
arenas in Anatolia. It is 786 feet in length and 180 feet wide, with a seating capacity of 30,000. The
ends of the stadium are slightly convex, giving it the form of an ellipse. It was used for games,
circuses, wild beast shows, athletic competitions and festivals.

Museum of Aphrodisias
he museum is one of the most outstanding in western Anatolia, featuring exhibits of the most
important monuments found during the excavations. Especially the magnificent sculptures bear
witness to the high level of this art in ancient Aphrodisias.

Following your visit, enjoy a set menu lunch at a local restaurant near Aphrodisias. Afterwards,
commence traveling back to Kusadasi.

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