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Ancient Troy
Port: Canakkale, Turkey
3.5 Hours 

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Discover the ancient ruins of Troy, immortalized by the writings of Homer and Virgil. The legendary
city of Troy captivates with its dramatic and romantic past - whether it be real or the creation of a poet.
Did Helen of Troy exist? Was there a real wooden horse? Explore these and other mysteries in this
half-day outing.

Begin with a 45-minute journey from the pier to reach the site of Hisarlik - as Troy is referred to
in modern day Turkey. Few realize that historical Troy’s actual location is within Turkey. Once
thought to be only a mythical city invented by Homer in the Iliad, most historians now accept
that this city was his inspiration for the tale, and perhaps even was besieged at the time
specified by Homer.

Discovery of the excavation site follows a pre-defined route, which comprises twelve information
points. From the second point you get a panoramic view of the entire site, the area is dotted with
remains of large houses of the Mycenaean settlement, particularly appealing for their stone masonry.
During your visit explore Troy’s ancient walls, the remains of palaces and houses, a Roman theatre,
and the Pillar House believed to be the Palace of King Priam. Of course the wooden horse is here as
well although it is a modern-day version recreated for your viewing pleasure.

Following your exploration of Troy return to Canakkale where some free time is afforded before r
eturning to the ship.

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