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The Ancient Sites of Patara & Xanthos
Port: Fethiye, Turkey
4 Hours 

Tour Contact

Departing the pier, drive by motorcoach to the Xanthos antiquities site. The capital of the Lycian
Federation, Xanthos is known as the place where its residents committed group suicide in the
name of peace and freedom when the Persians invaded the town in 546 BC. Sir Charles Fellows
first discovered Xanthos in 1838 and all relief carvings on the beautiful Nereid's Monuments were
carried to London's British Museum. The remaining ruins in present day Kýnýk Village on the road
from Fethiye to Kaþ Town, are splendid examples of the Lycian civilization.

Next is a visit to the Patara antiquities site. Patara was an important harbor town, approximately
155 miles southwest of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast. In Patara it is possible to see remains
from Lycian, Hellenistic, Latin and Byzantine times - from approximately the 6th century BC to the 6th
century AD. Ancient Patara is connected with the cult of the Apollo and the oracle site, the capital of
the Lykish alliance, and the birthplace of Saint Nikolaus, later bishop in the bordering Myra. As your
tour concludes, return to the pier to rejoin the ship.

At the end of the visit, return to Canakkale with some free time before returning to the ship.

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